Is your life together?
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This week in The Nest magazine: 7 Get-It-Together Things You Have to do This Week. (Ummm…really long title…)

After spending a week studying Matthew 24 with Bible Study Fellowship, I was struck with how captivated we are in the temporary things of life. Temporary is good when you’re dealing with emergencies, but as a norm we spend way too much time getting through the moment and ignoring the future or the things that really matter. Sure, turning your clutter into cash and cleaning off your desk is productive — for a very brief time — but when was the last time you cleaned out your sin closet or cleared your life of distractions? Ask yourself these 7 questions and identify where you need to improve:

  • How often do you pray?
  • When was the last time you read your Bible?
  • When was the last time you shared Christ with someone?
  • Are you keeping a “short account” with God and checking in with Him on where you need to be refined?
  • What did you do today that had eternal rather than earthly value in mind?
  • Do you know the signs of the end of the world and are you living like you expect Christ to return today? (And no, it has nothing to do with zombies…)
  • Can you identify Christ from a false prophet?