Earth from Space
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Has Nasa found a new Earth? Until now, the most Earth-like planet was Kepler-62f — 1.4 times the size. The unnamed planet was found orbiting an unidentified star in its so-called Goldilocks zone — a region around the star that emits just enough energy, light and temperature for liquid surface water to appear. …Other planets were thought to be rocky, or made mostly of ice, until now these were believed to be the most likely to be like Earth.

  • Where do you find peace?
  • Would you say this is another sign from the heavens? If so, of what is it a sign and why would it be given?
  • Why are we spending so much time and energy looking for a planet like ours?
  • What other facts about the exact tuning of the universe that make it far from random, or a Goldilocks fairytale?