Thinking of Suicide?

April – May 23, 2015

How Do I Know If I’m Saved?

James – April 18, 2014

Perishing Through Passivism: An Internal Memo

Life is hard — it requires work; we need to leave our comfort zones for the sake of the next generation, and it’s way past time for the church to get busy.

April – July 30, 2013

Is Buddhism True?

Buddhism was started by a man named Buddha who was unsatisfied with Hinduism. He determined that all existence is suffering and that we need to become enlightened to be free of suffering. Is this true?

Alex – June 9, 2013

The Rights of the Sacred and the Profane

The Gay Rights movement is not, as many assume, similar to the Civil Rights and women’s suffrage movements.

Ben – March 24, 2013

God in a Nutshell

We tend to limit God in significant ways because we have a very limited view of everything.

April – March 17, 2013

Do Fish Know They’re Wet?

The next generation will be misled because they will not know that this version of the NIV doesn’t hold water.

James – March 10, 2013