Thinking of Suicide?

April – May 23, 2015

The Rights of the Sacred and the Profane

The Gay Rights movement is not, as many assume, similar to the Civil Rights and women’s suffrage movements.

Ben – March 24, 2013

How About a Big Bowl of Reality Chex? (Part Duh)

What do you really know about what you believe? Do you base your convictions on something eternal and valuable or on your whims and wishes?

April – February 10, 2013

God is Dead

What are you going to do about it?

James – February 4, 2013

Where’d You Get That?

It’s just the remedy we need to get us out of our doomed, virtual life and into our real one.

April – January 13, 2013

It’s a Wonderful Life

What if George Bailey’s prayer to return home was answered differently, and he was still in Pottersville at the end of the movie?

James – December 9, 2012

Ornery Nation

There’s a judgement day a comin’ . . . cow!

James – November 4, 2012

Revenge — Just or Savage?

Does revenge really bring about justice? What is the difference between justice and savagery?

April – September 16, 2012

Can Science Answer All Our Questions?

So after 45 years and billions of dollars, we find a high probability a Higgs boson existed and then disappeared detected by the huge scientific instrumentation of CERN… but what was the real question?

James – July 8, 2012