Science is Ignorant

Ben – September 27, 2016

On Being Great

Greatness is a combination of many factors, and when we study great people, we begin to see common threads. What’s stopping you from being great?

Ben – July 7, 2013

Why Beliefs Matter

Nuclear weapons, cloning, robotics, genetics, nanotechnology — the future is likely to pose some of the most difficult questions humanity has yet faced. What do you believe, and why?

Ben – October 21, 2012

The Riches of the Age

Many people in the world have a house, clothes, car, cell phone, computer, air conditioning and medicine for everything. The leaders and rich men of the ancient world had next to nothing when compared to today’s average man. So why aren’t we happy?

Alex – September 3, 2012

All Gifts are the Same?

All faiths have to address the same questions; however, they do not answer the questions the same way. But as long as you don’t care about the destination, it doesn’t matter, particularly if you stand very still and not cross the line of actually seeking Truth.

April – December 4, 2011

Social Virus

The virus was created to exploit vulnerabilities in our precautions. But no security or anti-virus software is a match for the infection that lurks in the human soul.

James – November 27, 2011